Own a Share, Everywhere.

Access Luxurious Holiday Homes with Fractional Ownership
Invest flexibly in high-end vacation homes and diversify your portfolio.
Upkeep Hassles
We specialize in property management, so you can relax knowing that the upkeep is taken care of.
Tech Experience
Access your properties, book stays, rent out, or re-list your ownership on our platform.
Like any other real estate purchase, the value appreciates over time, resulting in a potential financial gain when you decide to sell your shares.
Get the best of both worlds

Sell With Seqoon

Liquidate your assets

Leverage our co-ownership program to liquidate 50% or more of your property, and free up capital to invest in other assets

Retain home ownership

By keeping a fraction of your property, you can continue to enjoy the comfort and control over your valuable assets

Indulge in a seamless experience

Discover an array of deluxe properties available for fractional ownership, delivered smoothly and conveniently

Your Home. Your Terms. Your Time.

Scheduling & Types of Stays

1/8 Share = 41 nights/year. You can book these days over two types of stays, depending on your preference.

General Stay

A stay booked 8 days to 24 months in advance. One general stay ranges in length between 1-7 days, not including special dates.

Special Stay

Special Dates are holidays with peak usage for the specific location of the property.

1/8 share1/4 share1/2 share
General Stays
(at a time)
Special Stays
(at a time)
Total Nights4182164
Reap The Rewards

Share with friends

Not only will you share memories you can also share maintenance and upkeep costs.

Enjoy Discounted Rates

Get cashback when you co-own with family and friends or when buying an additional share.

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Featured in

Egypt’s Real Estate Platform Seqoon Raises $500,000 Pre-Seed Round
Seqoon, Egypt-based proptech co-ownership platform, has raised $500,000 in a pre- Seed round backed by several strategic angel investors, as well as Banque Misr’s Accelerator Program. Founded in 2022 by Omar Eldessouky and Mohamed Elkhatieb, Seqoon enables people to own shares of a second home, while experiencing the perks of real estate ownership.
Seqoon secures $500K in pre-seed to bring real estate co-ownership to Egypt
Cairo - Seqoon raised $500,000 in a pre-seed round, backed by one of Egypt’s Banque Misr, through the bank’s pilot programme to support innovative startups in Egypt. The programme aims to aid financial technology (FinTech) startups by providing subject matter sponsors from within Banque Misr, in addition to providing international subject matter experts for guidance and mentorship in the upcoming accelerated ventures, according to a recent press release.
Seqoon Raises $500K in Pre-Seed to Bring Real Estate Co-ownership to Egypt
The first of its kind in Egypt and MENA, Seqoon offers a new take on real estate ownership by empowering people to own shares of a vacation home (from 1/8th to 1/2) while enjoying the full perks of real estate.
Egypt’s Seqoon raises $500,000 pre-Seed round
Egypt-based proptech Seqoon, has raised $500,000 in a pre-Seed round through Banque Misr’s pilot programme to support startups in Egypt, with participation from other angel investors. Founded in 2022 by Omar Eldessouky and Mohamed Elkhatieb, Seqoon allows users to co-own shares of a vacation home. Seqoon will use this capital to grow its team after it has launched its first co-ownership destination in El Gouna.
Seqoon, Egypt’s real estate co-ownership startup, raises $500k in a pre-seed round
“I can’t describe the energy we have here. We’re backed by investors and angels with great experience in our domain and have a high-caliber team ready to take the real estate market by storm. We want to revolutionize the way people perceive real estate in Egypt making it more accessible & paving the way towards a sustainable approach to home ownership,” Mohamed ElKhatieb, Co-founder of Seqoon, told WAYA.
Seqoon just raised a $500K pre-seed round.
Seqoon, a real estate co-ownership startup, has raised a $500K pre-seed round which saw participation from several notable angel investors as well as backing from Banque Misr’s pilot program to support innovative startups in Egypt.

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