What is co-ownership

Co-ownership = Flexible Ownership

Looking for a way to own your dream vacation home without the heavy price tag or the procedural hassle? Look no further than co-ownership! Seqoon’s innovative approach now brings luxurious vacation houses right to your fingertips.

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Vacation home ownership...reinvented

How does it work?



Explore our collection of high-end vacation homes in ElGouna and let us help you find the perfect home for you.



Enjoy 100% ownership of the house with the property LLC that we set up for your home. We'll even find and vet co-owners and manage the entire sale process for you.



Purchase your share, and let us take care of everything for you! From furnishings and utilities to property management and maintenance, you can rest easy knowing your vacation home is in good hands.

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Co-ownership is the new buying

How does LLC co-ownership work?

With our co-ownership solution, you can own a luxurious vacation home without breaking the budget. We'll set up an LLC company for your group of up to 8 co-owners and you'll only need to pay for a share number that suits you. This means you will enjoy true and full ownership of the property at a fraction of the cost.

Your Home. Your Terms. Your Time.

Scheduling & Types of Stays

1/8 Share = 41 nights/year. You can book these days over two types of stays, depending on your preference.

General Stay

A stay booked 8 days to 2 years in advance. One general stay ranges in length between 1-7 nights, not including special days.

Special Stay

Special stays are dates during peak seasons for the specific location of the property (ex. Gouna Film Festival)

1/8 share1/4 share1/2 share
General Stays (at a time)248
Special Stays (at a time)124
Total Nights4182164
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You can schedule your stay seamlessly through our app or website. All of the conditions and availability are built in so that you have a clear view of your property. You are able to book up to 2 years in advance to view your remaining days for each year.

Every home has its own dedicated property manager, which will be in direct contact with all Co-owners to meet their every need.

For each 1/8th share, you receive 41 nights a year. Meaning that if you purchase 1/2 of the property, then you would have 164 nights in the property to schedule all year round.

If you'd like to go beyond the number of nights you already have, you can either purchase more shares in the property or easily purchase extra days from other co-owners who are willing to sell some of their days.

Special stays are stays that are booked in periods of high demand during the year, such as holidays, events, and national celebrations. For each property, its special stays will be marked on the calendar

Each general stay can be from 2-7 nights, and you can schedule up to two consecutive general stays at a time. Meaning that you can book 14 consecutive nights in advance, then assuming that the property is not booked after that period, you can also choose to extend beyond this period.

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