Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, when you invest in a share, you are immediately an owner in that property through our LLC model. Seqoon establishes an SPV (Single Purpose Vehicle), which is essentially a legal entity created for a specific purpose—in this case, owning real estate. The SPV is set up in a tax haven, and forms a Limited Liability Company* (LLC). The LLC is the legal entity that directly owns the property and this provides legal and financial benefits, including tax efficiency and liability protection, while adhering to regulatory requirements in the jurisdiction where the property is located. *An LLC is a type of business structure that provides limited liability protection to its owners (members) and allows for flexible management arrangements.

Seqoon allows you to become an owner in a property with only a fraction of the price. You own, rent, resell, and enjoy a property as a second home, while benefiting from appreciation of the property and gaining revenue if you opt to rent out your nights. You have the flexibility to book your nights any time of the year, depending on the owners’ calendar of available nights. With a timeshare, you’re buying time. With Seqoon you’re buying real estate.

As a shareholder, you get 41 nights a year per 1/8th share, or 21 nights a year per 1/6th share. Those nights are to be used through 2 types of stays – General Stays and Special Stays.

- General stays are stays that do not fall in any special events/holidays. Each owner can book up to 2 consecutive stays at a time (7 days per stay) - Special stays are stays that fall in periods of high demand during the year such as holidays, events and national celebrations. Each owner can book 1 stay at a time (7 days per stay). All Stays can be scheduled at any time throughout the year and can be booked anywhere from 2 days to 24 months in advance. This gives the user the flexibility to plan their stays according to their needs and preferences.

Since Seqoon grants you property ownership, you have the freedom to rent out your days as you see fit. As Seqoon we can handle the rentals and provide the revenue in foreign currency. Whether you prefer to take charge of the rental process independently or rely on Seqoons’ expertise to manage it for you, the choice is yours to make.

With Seqoon, shareholders enjoy true real estate ownership, subject to a one-year lock-up period should they decide to sell their share. After the lock-up period, you have the option to sell the share yourself, and Seqoon will handle all the necessary legalities. Alternatively, you can choose to have Seqoon sell the share on your behalf. This flexibility allows share owners to manage the sale of their shares according to their preferences and convenience.

The partnership with Valu offers customers the opportunity to install the total share price. A minimum downpayment of 20% is required, and customers can divide the remaining payment over a maximum period of 6 years. Specific terms and conditions, such as interest rates and fees, will be applied.

You shoulder just a fraction of the costs associated with owning a vacation home. Our yearly fees account for cleaning, utilities, and Seqoon’s management fees.

Seqoon assigns every home its own dedicated property manager, which will be in direct contact with all co-owners to meet their every need.

Each co-owner assumes responsibility for their designated home during their stay. Quality checks will be conducted upon check-in and check-out, with any damages incurred being charged solely to the co-owner who booked the stay.

Yes, your share price will appreciate relative to the overall share price, in-line with the market appreciation.

Yes, it can! All the steps taken to purchase your vacation home remain the same, whether you know your co-owners or they are vetted through Seqoon.